Organic Kale Salad“Honie Ann has always been ahead of her time and ahead of the market. She dreamed up a frozen organic food line before there were freezers in most organic markets. She started Healthier Lifestyle information workshops for busy working people in the early ‘90s, making recipes that were easy to fit into a busy work schedule, delicious and connected food, fitness and energy. The need for the information and experience “HON” has is only growing in importance.”
Art Klein writer and entrepreneur

“If you want a grounded, common-sense, creative resource in the world of organic food and information related to what we should and shouldn’t consume and why – Honie Ann is the “go to” person.”
Libby Daniell advertising executive

“You will be fortunate to connect with Honie Ann so she can share some of her extensive knowledge about food and health-related information. Many certified nutritionists and dieticians do not have her broad knowledge base and they are not chefs or bakers.”
John Galloway non-profit executive, social entrepreneur

“I can attest to the fact that Honie Ann’s cooking and baking have not only fantastic taste but she consciously incorporates ingredients that have added health benefits. I always get an energy surge that lasts for hours after eating her cooking”.
Yau-hang Lee educator, business developer

“The fact is that Honie Ann Peacock was, and still is, in the vanguard of holistic consultants and coaches whether in business or in the world of healthy living. She always thinks strategically and pragmatically. She was using Japanese macrobiotic ingredients since the early ‘70s, and had a no oil, vegan, wheat-free line in the early ‘90’s.”
Chi Chi Stevens Hoshino Massage Therapist

Honie Ann’s passion for helping others to feel their best shines through no matter what she’s doing. Her warmth, incredible energy and refreshingly fun personality and style of working set her apart from the rest. Her approach is flexible, sustainable, and truly tailored to each individual. The dishes she makes, and teaches others to make, are mouth-wateringly phenomenal—and healthful to boot! I feel incredibly lucky to have Hon in my life.
Zoe Baxter Wellness Coach and Educator

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