History & Philosophy

History & Philosophy

Little did I know when I entered Columbia University’s School of Social Work [CUSSW] in the late 1960's to what degree my life and career paths would forever be stamped and shaped.

The late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s were times of transformative activism in every aspect of American life – from civil and human rights to farming practices.  Food became as much of a political issue as treating the whole family instead of blaming one of its members  CUSSW mirrored the times and gave me a vehicle for visioning my future direction.Honie Ann Peacock

I was touched by and actively involved in the social justice and environmental, food and alternative health movements of the day informed by the social work precepts that addressed both self-determination and community empowerment. I saw social work, community action and advocacy as vehicles for change and myself as a change agent.  With that understanding I built an innovative career outside of traditional social work settings, becoming an experienced social entrepreneur, coach and agent of positive change.

The steps along this path transferred my CUSSW skills to diverse industries and careers: Human Resource Management and Diversity in the corporate world, to founding and directing a construction company,  a non-profit social enterprise in culinary arts, an organic food manufacturing, catering and café business,  a personal training and nutrition practice,  and healthy lifestyle workshops, cooking and coaching lessons for busy working people.

The common thread in the highway of my life is simply this: to enable people and organizations to get the information and tools they need to live healthier, more productive lives.

Celebrate life and health!    Honie Ann Peacock

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