Business Testimonials

“Honie Ann Peacock, with her deep and honest commitment and knowledge of the Arts Field, is exceptional in providing vision, imagination and profound insights to programmatic and strategic thinking. Working with her has inspired me to see Arts Education as a business and earned income projects in a whole new light.  I have applied these concepts in the design of all my major projects — from small experimental schools, to major community Arts Education institutions, to the founding of my own Arts Education services and consulting firm with great financial success for schools and community-based non-profits; and with wonderful educational enrichment for underserved student populations.”
Walter Grandberry, Former Director of Education and Community Programs, The Harlem School of the Arts. Currently President and Founder Pathway to the Arts, Inc.

“On behalf of our Board, Staff, Students and Parents I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did with the Board and me in redeveloping our brochure. You gave us the opportunity to re-examine ourselves, our mission and our marketing strategies and for that I am sincerely grateful. The care and thoroughness you displayed in making sure we presented ourselves in the best possible light and received the best quality product are signs of a pro who really cares. This is not common in our experience. Now when we present our brochure, we can do so with great pride!”
Mamie Duncan-Gibbs, Executive/Artistic Director, Youth Theatre Interactions, Inc.

“Honie Ann Peacock really understands the challenges facing the small business owner, is committed to producing high quality results… and delivers every time. In the fourteen years she has created and facilitated management development training programs and individual coaching assistance for us she always receives rave reviews. She has that rare ability to transform a group of business owners into a family within a few hours. It is great to see people who were strangers only hours ago now comfortably sharing with one another their issues, successes and questions.”
Robert Seidel, Director of Training Regional Alliance for Small Contractors

“With your help and guidance we designed a business plan that, in less than one year, has exceeded our projections for growth in earned income. Through this process we gained the self-confidence to recognize our value in the marketplace and can now readily say that the Arts Learning Center concept is going to continue to build future capacity, audience, stability and increased earned income for the Gallery. Your insight and expertise together with your kindness and patience as you stood by us, made a sometimes difficult journey easier. You helped us look at our business in a whole new light and as a result we are at the next level of organization growth. We even won a grant to help mentor others to do what we did.”
Mary Ann Siano, Associate Director Lehman College Art Gallery

“We unanimously decided to engage Ms. Peacock when we received a NYSCA TAP grant for a consultant. Her assignment was to work with us on capital campaign strategies for a new building we are buying from NYC Housing Preservation & Development. Because of her vast experience she knew that campaign strategies by itself would not be effective. We needed organization and board development, marketing and promotion strategies and an agreement between our organization and our building partner. We are light years of where we were; and we were awarded a second TAP grant to work with Ms. Peacock on the next phase of our development. We are delighted and If we were to grade her effectiveness, it would be an A+.”
Dolores Vanison-Blakely, Executive Director and Co-Founder Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company

“I met Honie Ann Peacock in 2000 when she was assigned to conduct an assessment of our family-owned, 27-yr old specialty trades contracting firm. Honie Ann proceeded to learn all about our business and then transformed this knowledge with her creativity and writing abilities [and a great graphics partner] to produce an extraordinary brochure which has won us new clients and high praise from everyone who sees it. Honie Ann’s experience and knowledge is worth its weight in gold. No matter in what area we have questions or need help, Honie Ann has this extraordinary ability to give us good advice. Besides the brochure, Honie Ann has helped us get M/DBE certifications, get a $500,000 Empire State Development Corp. loan, advised us on our succession plan, held strategic planning meetings with our top management, helped us become better networkers, made introductions to new clients and has been there to answer general business questions whenever we need her. She is a great asset to Carabie.”
Linda Bautista, Chief Financial Officer, Carabie Corporation

“Honie Ann Peacock became our marketing consultant when our 35-yr old theater group won a grant to write our first business plan in order to increase earned income [ticket sales] and visibility in the community. Ms. Peacock’s encouraging and decisive leadership enabled us to get in touch with and fully utilize all our resources and to harness our energies to focus on the “big picture”. Because of her professional experience, knowledge of the arts world and writing, marketing and communication skills, she guided us through the process of identifying and targeting our markets, uncovering and resolving challenges, setting goals, and presenting them in a written format that really impressed the funder. We were so pleased with Honie Ann’s work that we wrote her into the implementation plan to continue her marketing consultancy with us. I recommend Honie Ann to any group that wishes to bring their business to a higher level.”
Donna Bellone, Board Chair and Producer/Director Center Stage Community Playhouse

“Each Seminar was attended by 15 executive directors of local non-profits and up to 5 board members each. This project was acclaimed to be the most successful and outstanding non-profit educational opportunity ever offered at Austin College. The Service Station has been working with students to provide service locations for over 10 years, but L.I.G.H.T. was the first training session especially for board members and executive directors of the area non-profit community. They were not only grateful but began to request more information and especially more help as they realized that “non-profit” did not mean they were unable to raise funds outside their usual donations.”
“The results of this project included the Women’s Crisis Center moving from losing $2,000 a month in their Thrift Store to raising $10,000 a month. CASA enlarged the size of their annual Chocolate Indulgence to increase their funds and The Children’s Center found new ways of meeting the needs of the Fannin County Children served by the Center. Alexandra Silen, summer intern has now started Futierra, a non-profit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Marilyn Bice works with local non-profits in a variety of ways.”
Marilyn Bice, L.I.G.H.T. Coordinator Assistant to the Director, Posey Institute, Austin College

“Volunteer leaders are stretched thin, with even thinner resources but must be accountable, visionary, and ready to take risks. L.I.G.H.T. illuminated pathways to partnerships, expanded visions and out of the box funding alternatives. It absolutely transformed strategic thinking for key non-profit leaders.”
Frances Pelley, L.I.G.H.T. Partner and Former Executive Director Texoma Council of Governments

“Working with you was a delight All six of us thoroughly enjoyed the four hours. As educators, we’ve had the tendency to not see “marketing” as relevant to a social change non-profit. You helped us see marketing as an essential part of our strategic thinking, integral to fundraising, media outreach and program development. Especially useful was the step by step process you showed us for analyzing the feasibility of new program opportunities.”
Tom Roderick, Executive Director Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

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