Approach to Work
Organic Consulting

Organic food… I get that… But organic consulting?  Organically planned workshops?

Actually it makes as much sense as the way family doctors used to practice medicine. The family doctor made house calls and got to know the whole person - body-mind-spirit, family relationships, and  the family’s fit into the community. The MD’s treatment plan considered all of it but targeted only the specific problem[s] ailing the patient at that time.

HAP’nings now works like the family doctor with you and your family or your organization to get a complete sense of how you and it function as an integrated whole. We work in a holistic way –getting an understanding of the big picture….  the dynamic, alive, ever changing entity that it is. We get to know its heartbeat, its pulse, its body temperature, its ups and downs, frustrations, and vision for the future. Just as importantly we take stock of your day to day struggles with time constraints, work hours, likes and dislikes, budget, and other obstacles.

HAP’nings now’s organic consulting approach and hands-on style work on several trouble spots simultaneously, giving you “a bigger bang for the buck”. We attack root causes of issues as opposed to symptoms, and treat the entire system while treating a particular problem. This saves money and time… and reduces or eliminates obstacles to success almost immediately.

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