Founder’s Business Experience

A question about the utility and cost-effectiveness of management consultants looms large for small business owners and executive directors of non-profit organizations alike.

They ask themselves

“ What are the odds of finding that rare consultant who has stood in my shoes, who can deftly assess what needs fixing in order to help me move my company to the next level, and who possesses the energy, skill and vision to put a charge into my entire organization?”

Honie Ann Peacock  is that rare find in the world of consulting. Her broad experience across myriad industries, careers and her own businesses tells the story of a no nonsense, can-do woman with a powerful commitment to business development and economic, social and political change.Honie Ann Peacock

Honie Ann Peacock is as unusual as her name. She founded and developed five businesses of her own - four [4] for-profit businesses and one a social enterprise in culinary arts which established a new paradigm of a work-based learning initiative for public high school students. In each of her businesses… in her years of freelance work as a fund-raiser, event planner and community activist fighting for women and minority rights in the workplace… in her years of developing and facilitating management / economic development workshops… and in her 9 years in corporate America managing Diversity initiatives… Honie Ann Peacock has always put herself on the firing line and made a positive impact.

How creative and versatile does one have to be to transfer a Masters in Social Work degree into skillful use of group dynamics, communications, and public policy in the disparate worlds of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NPO structures? To transfer a University of Michigan History of Art degree into producing giant music events at Madison Square Garden… and helping artists and arts organizations develop business plans and earned income projects that sustain them? The answer is… very. The best part is she found creative, resourceful ways to achieve a vast variety of project objectives.

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